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Wind Pressure Switch
Wind Pressure Switch
The FK2000-10A Wind pressure s...
Spring Stapling press Series
Spring Stapling pres...
This series products are suita...
Iron Plane For wood Series
Iron Plane For wood ...
This series product is carpent...
Finish Cast Iron Plane Series
Finish Cast Iron Pla...
This series product is a carpe...

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Changzhou City Finishing Hardware Apparatus Co., located in Changzhou suburbs.It's 5km away from downtown city.It'sclosely near 312 start road and Beijin-Hangzhou Canal.It's geographical & economical conditions are richly endowxed by nature.This conpany mainly produces hand tool and apparatus products.It has over twenty years'manufacture history.It covers an area of more than 8 thousand ...  

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Welcome to Changzhou finishing hardware ...

Welcome to Changzhou finishing hardware apparatus.,ltd.

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